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Parent Cue

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Time is ticking...

There are approximately 936 weeks from the time a child is born until they grow up, graduate, and move on to whatever is next. Since your time with your kids is limited, consider counting down the weeks. Why? When you see how much time you have left, you tend to do more with the time you have now. Because what you do as a parent every week matters more than you think.

As a parent, it's impossible to do everything. But we believe that together you can do something today. That’s why at TGC we want EVERY SINGLE PARENT to use the Parent Cue App. It gives weekly cues to help you make the most of the time you spend with your kid or teenager.

Our app will keep you up to date with what we are covering in our youth small groups. Also, it will connect you with Bible stories and verses to talk to your child about, and we’ll cue you with words to say and things to do connected with the naturally occurring times that already happen every day. 

¡El contenido del app también viene en español!

Get started today. Download the APP and SYNC with our Church by searching for "Tabernacle of God".

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