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Online Community

A group to help you grow & follow Jesus

Welcome to Tabernacle Church Online Facebook Campus!

This community was created to connect, support, and celebrate the members and friends connected with our church. This community is led by Pastors Tito & Alisha Sotolongo, who serve as the "on-site" leaders for any needs you may have. They serve along-side a campus leadership team to make sure your experience here is rewarding. We all are here to ensure this community lives up to the vision and values of our church.

We actively moderate this community, so if you need us, just tag us in a post, and we will respond as soon as possible. We are so glad you are part of our Facebook campus, and while you're here, we encourage you to:

  • Share uplifting stories with your fellow community members.
  • Seek advice, support, and prayer for the challenges you encounter in life.
  • Celebrate the good things happening in your life and lives of your family and friends.
  • Ask questions about your faith or Church happenings.

If you are interested in participating, click the button below. All are welcome!